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Entrepreneurial thinking and acting, creating value at every level, is more important today than ever before. Leaders and employees with exceptional skills are still rare. We help you find the best potential candidates available on the market!

With our pro-active research approach of finding skilled and high-performance talent in key areas, we have access to the top candidates in the market. The combination of our specializing in Cleantech and High-Tech technologies and fundamental knowledge of the market allows us to promptly react to our clients’ requests and needs.

  • Based on a dedicated needs / requirements analysis, together we develop the optimal search and contact strategy for filling each specific position.
  • Using several creative research and search instruments, we contact potential candidates (head-hunting).
  • We gather a carefully selected group of candidates for you with our recruiting process, while maintaining caution, discretion, and an absolute objective perspective in checking the candidate’s documents, with phone calls, face-to-face interviews, and obtaining references.
  • If required we offer custom-tailored individual assessments.
  • We show you the best possible alternatives for your personnel decisions guiding you through the process up to the signing of a contract and beyond.

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