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Professional Management Support

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As a part of Business Process Outsourcing, we offer the choice of temporary or extended outsourcing of your recruitment (RPO). This allows you to fully concentrate on your core business. This type of solution is ideal for new and young companies, where the hiring of in-house experts is not yet beneficial. RPO is also recommended for situations with a high level of temporary recruiting requirements.

Board Search

The intensifying debate about appropriate standards for sustainable corporate governance norms makes it clear that the credibility of a company is increasingly linked to the integrity of their board members. We help our clients find outstanding individuals for their boards.

M&A / Business Succession: Research

Our relevant resources in market and candidate research support you in planned corporate transactions such as Mergers and Acquisitions. The same applies, of course, for the search for a successor.

Management Audits

Performance and potential assessments for your management members may be necessary for various reasons, as part of a strategic realignment and restructuring of your company or in connection with a due diligence review. We offer a structured competency analysis with a clear focus on the key skills relevant to your business.

Outplacement / New Placement

If you should have to out-place personnel staff for strategic or political reasons, we ensure that this happens in as fair and correct way as possible, and that those affected are supported in finding their new positions.

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